Skin Care & Makeup Tips for Professionals

We all have our own makeup tricks, from our own trial and errors.

But sometimes, no matter how much effort we put to the task, we do not feel that the end result of our process of beautification is sufficient, and we think of actresses and celebrities that look impeccable at all times. But they have professional makeup artists working on them for hours sometimes.
In this article we will learn how to achieve professional-looking makeup, following a simple routine professionally developed, allowing us to look gorgeous at all times.

Steps towards a professional makeup

First, we clean the skin with a cleansing cream or solution, and rinse with water, removing all impurities. Then, we apply a toner to close the pores and remove any remaining cream or cleanser. We dry and blot with tissue paper, and begin our makeup routine.

We begin by applying a concealer to areas that are problematic: dark circles , blemishes and imperfections. Use a good quality correction product, generally two shades lighter than the color of the base, and according to the area to treat tones. Uses yellow for dark circles and very dark spots, and green for pimples and red spots.

Then apply a base to complement the color of your skin , achieving a uniform color. Choose one that is light, soft, and good quality. Then, only if necessary, apply (loose or compact) powder to set the foundation and highlight areas of your skin color and face. For example, darker powders used in the jawbone to sharpen your face, at the sides of the partition to refine the nose, chin to widen the face, etc.

The next step is to continue on the eyes . You need to put a shadow base, light-colored and according to your wishes. It can be white, yellow or pale pink. If you use cream shadows, then not mix with powder: may form lumps. Then follow with shadows, depending on the colors and effects you seek: darker at the bottom and outside of the eyelid to deepen look clearer on the tear to remove
the eyes, a touch of clear and bright color center of the eyelid to give light.

If you want to refine and define your eyes , use a good eyeliner on the bottom of the upper eyelid over the lower. To enlarge the eyes, do not use eyeliner and goes directly into the mask or mascara, applying two coats on the tabs outermost of your eyes. Also check that your eyebrows are well combed and delimited. Remove the leftover hair with tweezers, and preferably not color it.
Finally, line your lips with a subtle tone and apply the lipstick or gloss that you like. Keep them always colored with a coat of gloss lacquer, and voila, you managed one professional finish to your makeup.

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